The Victoria & Albert Museum is overwhelmingly large. Many visitors feel unsure of where to begin when visiting and end up wandering aimlessly through the rooms without paying particular interest to anything. The Where do I start? box gives visitors a randomly selected place to start. Visitors pull out a travel card that directs them to a destination such as the Japan or the Architecture room. There is also a riddle for visitors to solve that leads them on a treasure hunt to find a specific object within the collection. This prompts visitors to engage more with the exhibition objects rather than simply glancing over the displays in each room.

The excitement of a ‘lucky dip’ that generates a museum experience for you would attract people who have never been to the V&A before and don’t know where to start, as well as those who have been before but would like to discover something new within the collection. 

With Freddie Chant & Hannah Brady
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